The Volunteer Programme of the I World Games of Indigenous Peoples

The Municipality of Palmas, through the Extraordinary Secretariat for the Indigenous Games (SEJI) gives public notice that there shall be places for the selection of Volunteers to work on the I World Games for Indigenous Peoples (World Indigenous Games), which will take place from the 20th October to the 1st November in Palmas (TO, Brazil).

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    General Information
    • The selection and approval of a candidate as a volunteer will not in any way imply an employment relationship with the Extraordinary Municipal Secretariat for the Indigenous Games (SEJI) or any of the organising partners, in accordance with Lei Federal 9.608/98.
    • This public notice is aimed at any citizen interested in volunteering the World Indigenous Games, with the exception of:
    • Students regularly matriculated at the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT), the and the Catholic University of Tocantins (UBEC-TO) and at the Lutheran University Centre of Palmas (CEULP/ULBRA) will register with their respective institutions and will each be covered by their own public notice.
    • Registration will be open in the period from the until the 31st of July 2015.
    • Prospective volunteers can register using an online form (found at:
    • 90 (ninety) places for general registration will be opened, excluding those for students matriculated at the above institutions
    • To register, candidates should meet the following conditions
      • Be over 18 at the start of the active volunteer programme
      • Be free from the 16th October to the 1st November to work as a volunteer in Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil. This will entail at minimum 40 (forty) hours of work per week, and each individual volunteer will have their workload defined in a “Termo de Adesão” (contract).
      • Fund their own transport to and from Palmas and their city of origin, when it is necessary
      • Be fluent in Portuguese
    • The Selection Committee will be composed of members of the ITC and workers from SEJI, members of the Organising Committee of the event.
    • Candidates must submit:
      • A Copy of a national Identity Document.
      • A mini-CV with information on your academic and professional history
    • Selection is a function of the analysis of the online form
    • In case more volunteers are selected than places are advertised, additional places may be created.
    • Each Volunteer will sign a “Termo de Adesão” with the Organising Committee
    • After the analysis of candidates, the results of the selection will be published on the website and an email sent with general guidance to selected candidates. Beyond those selected a waiting list will be constructed, in case it is decided to increase the number of volunteers or substitute a volunteer.
    • After the publication of the results, selected candidates who do not live in Palmas (TO) will have 30 days to outline by email to the organisers the manner in which they shall reach Palmas (TO). In case nothing is sent by the deadline, for whatever reason, the selected candidate is likely to be replaced by another candidate prepared to fill their place due to the lack of certainty of their appearance.
    Selected candidates are expected to:
    • Take part in training in the city of Palmas.
    • Carry out their duties in the area they are placed in during the event, which include but are not limited to
      • Acting as an “Attaché”, which means to accompany an indigenous delegation during their time at the World Indigenous Games, helping in all general aspects
      • Helping the organisation in the realisation of sporting events;
      • Contributing to the realisation of the cultural programme;
      • Aiding the work of the communications and public relations team
      • Giving support to infrastructure and organisation of materials
      • Acting as an interpreter supporting the communications team with international visitors;
    • Respond to the demands of the event under the orientation of the Organising Committee under defined hours and conditions;
    • Not acting within the rules, norms and determinations of the Organising Committee on the part of the volunteer will result in the termination of their functions.
    • Not attending training sessions for the event, as a volunteer, is grounds the Organising Committee to announce automatic termination of the volunteer’s functions.
    Volunteers are awarded the following rights
    • Daily meal(s) in an area defined by the Organising Committee, during the event.
    • A space in the camping area in the city of Palmas for selected volunteers who do not reside in the city. It remains the responsibility of the volunteer to bring tents and all materials needed for camping.
    • Transport from the camping area to the location of volunteering work.
    • A Certificate of Participation with reference to the work carried out.
    • A kit including a shirt.
    • Release of the Public Notice: 29th May 2015
    • Registration period: until 31st July 2015
    • Preliminary release of the results: 7th August 2015
    • Confirmation of results: 14th August 2015
    • Confirmation of results: 14th August 2015
    • Reserve Call-up: 25th August 2015
    General terms
    • Cases omitted from this public notice will be evaluated by the Organising Committee, and the result published subsequently.
    • The institutions cited in 1.3 remain responsible for the publication of their own Public Notices of Selection.